Why choose a private cloud

Moving applications to the cloud has a number of undeniable benefits, but its most popular form offered by global providers has a number of operational pitfalls: you give up the ability to customise your entire environment, allow a third party to have access to your data, and run the risk of vendor lock-in.

If you are one of the more demanding clients, you definitely need an exclusive cloud for your application, which is just for you and custom-made. You need a private cloud that, unlike a public cloud, fully adapts to the needs of your application.

The private cloud takes the benefits of the public cloud and grafts them onto a solution that you have full control over and where your freedom is not restricted in any way.

Example of Private cloud infrastructure

What a vshosting~ private cloud on the VMware platform looks like

We build each private cloud on the latest hardware from HP, DELL, Supermicro, Intel, and AMD. If you choose the VMware platform, we will use the vSphere tool for virtualisation, in the Standard or Enterprise version. Taking care of the overall design, its implementation as well as ensuring smooth operation in a high availability mode are a matter of course with vshosting~. All including professional advice from our administrators.

The cloud solutions we provide always include comprehensive server infrastructure management and exceptional 24/7 support with 60-second response times. The private cloud on VMware is no exception.

Our experienced administrators use advanced server management software, VMware vCenter (Standard version), which serves as a centralised platform for controlling the vSphere environment. Whether your applications run on Windows or Linux, we provide server management for you.

Are you considering a private cloud solution on VMware? Get in touch with our consultants: consultation@vshosting.co.uk and discuss the options and features of VMware. No strings attached.

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