Our entire data centre is designed for maximum efficiency

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Data centre built for efficiency

We designed our Prague data centre with maximum efficiency in mind from the very beginning. Every year, we make further adjustments to move ever closer to our commitment to sustainability. As of 2022, our data centre has been running on certified green energy.

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Efficient hardware

A new server consumes around 10 % less energy than a 3-year-old one, making a huge difference for both the environment and the prices we can offer customers. However, before upgrading any server, we always consider the total economic and environmental impact. In consultation with each customer, we only proceed with an upgrade if it makes sense.

We fine-tuned every detail of our cooling system

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Optimised ventilation

Cooling plays an enormous role in a server’s power consumption. This doesn’t just mean air conditioning, which is a must for every data centre, but also ventilation of the server itself. These two systems need to be optimised in sync to minimise energy consumption. At vshosting~, we’ve been able to do so by decreasing the ventilation rate on an individual server level and slightly increasing air conditioning output, resulting in a 6% reduction in electricity usage.

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Adiabatic cooling

Our air conditioning units are constantly optimised to achieve maximum efficiency and minimise energy consumption. During the hottest days, we supplement our air conditioning system with something known as adiabatic cooling. In essence, this means misting the air conditioners’ condensers with cool water and in turn reducing their power consumption.

We emphasise responsible waste management

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Reducing waste volume

Thanks to our strict standards on voltage consistency and temperature ranges, we increase the longevity of our hardware by 10-20 % compared to other providers. This leads to a corresponding decrease in waste generation.

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Strict recycling policy

We make sure to recycle all of our waste, whenever possible. This includes all hardware and related items, as well as office waste. Of course, we take care to delete all data safely before recycling servers.

Our number one goal is to provide the best possible service for our customers. Efficiency is an integral part of that. In our business, being both economically responsible and environmentally sustainable goes hand in hand.

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