Damir Špoljarič

The hosting market is continuously developing and vshosting~ is not lagging behind. Which is why this year, we are adding more managed services and private cloud services to our portfolio. On top of that, we will be growing internationally and increasing the complexity of our services. In order to make this evolution crystal clear to the outside, we are also changing our logo and overall identity.

New Services, More Complexity, and a Second Data Centre

The hosting service market has been changing rapidly in the past several years: the main trends being the shift towards managed and cloud solutions, support of new technologies such as Kubernetes, as well as the ever-growing need for top of the line security. At vshosting~, we are on top of things and significantly widening our portfolio with further managed services and private cloud. We have launched our Platform for Kubernetes service already last year and our high-level security has been keeping up with cutting edge standards for years. In addition, we are developing a brand new product: the automated infrastructure for developers, Zerops.

Aside from introducing new services, we are increasing the complexity of the current ones in order to be able to provide our clients with even more customised solutions. In our expanded service portfolio, you will find two Managed Server options, Private Cloud, Managed Database and Managed Platform for Kubernetes. As always, we are using open-source technologies.

Such degree of innovation is enabled by the fact that since our founding, we have been investing all of vshosting~ profits back into the company. We specifically focus on improving and extending the technological infrastructure, optimisation of internal processes, and expanding our team. We built our own data centre in Prague and are also building our own global CDN network (just this week, we expanded it to Seville and Bucharest).

Because the capacity of our data centre will soon stop being able to keep up with the demand for our services, we are building a second data centre, which will be unique in many ways. It will be the first central European, direct current powered data centre with three types of freecooling and it will utilise our own server hardware we are currently developing, following in the footsteps of Google or Facebook.

Upcoming European Expansion

We provide managed hosting for almost half of Czech and Slovak e-shops and hundreds of large internet projects, for whom we operate a complex infrastructure. In less than 13 years, we have made a name for ourselves on the hosting market and become the largest provider of premium and managed services in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Now, however, the time has come to grow to other European countries. That is why we are preparing to enter the Polish market this year. With our new service Zerops currently in development, we aim to grow to Germany.  

vshosting~ with a New Look

So that our development is apparent from the outside as well, we updated our logo and overall identity. Aleš Rechtorík and Miloslav Nosovský are the men behind our fresh, new look.

“The main element of the logo is the “wave”, so-called “tilda”, which is used (among other things) in operating systems of the Unix type as an indicator of current user’s home directory. It’s a shortcut. Between us, the client, and technologies,” the logo’s co-creator, Aleš Rechtorík, explains its main element.

The colors of the new identity, dominated by the unusual combination of blue, yellow and green, come from the colors of the cables used in the ServerPark data center. The very same cables also inspired another graphical element of the new identity, the so-called “cableporn”.

We have successfully assisted with migrations for hundreds of clients over the course of 17 years. Join them.

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