From Magento to More Modern Technology: The Story of Eyerim’s Transformation to Kubernetes


“Collaborating with vshosting~ was crucial for our transformation. Not only did they provide us with technical support, but they also designed a completely new solution for us and ensured a smooth migration.”

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Eyerim, a popular online eyewear store, has undergone numerous technological and business changes over the years. In 2019, the company entrusted its infrastructure to vshosting~, and two years later, in collaboration with vshosting~, successfully transformed it from the Magento e-commerce platform to Shopsys with cutting-edge Kubernetes solutions. (Shopsys also operates its infrastructure with vshosting~.)

Thanks to this transformation, Eyerim expanded its operations to 14 countries and became the fastest-growing eyewear e-shop in Central and Eastern Europe.”

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In collaboration with vshosting~ since 2019

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Key to Success: Transition to Shopsys Framework with vshosting~

“When Eyerim was founded, the website was built on the Magento platform. Although this system served its purpose, over time, Eyerim faced increasing challenges associated with it. The main issues were the complexity of the system and the difficulty in customising it, making quick and flexible changes problematic. All of this began to change in 2021 with the arrival of a new IT director.”

“Magento offers a range of benefits and served us well. However, as our business grew, we encountered limitations associated with its low development flexibility. After reaching a certain critical size at Eyerim, we realised it was time to transition from Magento to a technology that better aligns with our needs.”

“Under the new IT leadership, Eyerim decided to transition to the Shopsys Framework. One of the reasons was the easier availability of developers, but the main driving force for the change was the desire for greater flexibility and quick adaptation to market needs. This is where vshosting~ proved to be a key partner. Thanks to their deep understanding of the Shopsys architecture and their own infrastructure being hosted with vshosting~, the entire migration proceeded smoothly and swiftly.”

“Optimisation at its best”: vsosting~’s Expertise in Action

vshosting~ quickly adapted to Eyerim’s specific needs and, without detailed specifications, proposed and implemented a top-notch architecture for Eyerim, including a Kubernetes cluster, PostgreSQL pool, and KeyDB.

This new technical solution upgrade resulted in a significant speed boost for the website and increased development efficiency. Eyerim is now able to roll out dozens of improvements every two weeks and swiftly implement new features. This led to a marked increase in customer satisfaction, consequently boosting sales. Despite challenges posed by COVID and the macroeconomic situation, Eyerim continues to grow by 30-50% annually.

“Over the last 12 years, I’ve experienced a lot in the world of the web and e-commerce. I was surprised by how quick the response from vshosting~ is to tickets, even at midnight.”

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