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We want to highlight the role vshosting~ played as a consultant in the entire technological solution and assisting us with the transformation to Kubernetes.

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One of the largest gaming developer studios, PowerPlay Studio, has relied on vhosting~ services for a number of years. Together we have completely redesigned their application server infrastructure. We switched them from a huge managed server to a fully administered Kubernetes platform with more powerful hardware, which ended up reducing the number of servers needed by two thirds! As a result, PowerPlay Studio has simplified their development, especially the deploy process for new application versions, which is absolutely crucial for the developer studio.

For several years PowerPlay Studio used a large managed cluster made up of 20 servers. Many applications and database servers designated to different purposes ran within the cluster. Given that PowerPlay Studio often faces spikes in traffic and that their total traffic is continuously growing over time, their infrastructure needed to be as scalable as possible.

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First, everything was safely migrated to Kubetnetes in the lab, then we transformed the production environment to Kubernetes

After testing Kubernetes in the development environment, we worked with PowerPlay Studio to completely redesign the application server infrastructure. Therefore, all their mobile games now run on Kubernetes infrastructure and ultra powerful AMD EPYC servers.

This transformation not only reduced the number of servers by two thirds, but it also made it easier for their developers to deploy and monitor new application versions. (PowerPlay Studio uses open-source monitoring tools Prometheus and Grafanu.)

We want to highlight the role vshosting~ played as a consultant in the entire technological solution and assisting us with the transformation to Kubernetes.

As part of the migration to the Kubernetes platform we also carried out a complete restructuring of their email services. For marketing, we built a solution with the capacity to send 100,000 emails per minute. “This increase has helped us a lot, be it for sending transactional emails or marketing messages,” said Dominik Halvoník.

From the very beginning PowerPlay Studio has praised our individual approach.

Maybe the most unique thing about vshosting~ is their technical support. The speed and manner of their responses is invaluable. In my experience, their competitors’ technical support only responds with Boolean logic – we fixed it/we didn’t fix it. In contrast, vshosting~ technicians helped to educate PowerPlay Studio employees. They explain the problem to them meaning that our staff are able to better identify any future infrastructure problems. This is the kind of priceless added value that vshosting~ offer.

CDN also plays a significant role in the efficient operation of PowerPlay Studio. Since it is an international project, it was imperative to ensure low latency and low response time to players in all countries and in all circumstances. At vshosting~ we were easily able to achieve this thanks to our own global CDN network.

“We greatly value our long-term partnership with such an important player in the online gaming field. Thanks to our knowledge base we are able to keep pace with their quick modernisation and development”, says David Lintimer, CSO vshosting~.

We really value the personal approach from vshosting~. It’s one of the main reasons for our ongoing cooperation.

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