Premiere Cinemas uses dedicated servers from vshosting~. The result is less maintenance work


Vshosting~ designed a solution that not only met our requirements, but also provides us with greater added value.

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The operator of three multiplexes in the Czech Republic hardly needs an introduction. Premiere Cinemas symbolises the experience of the new film, the anticipation of action, suspense, romance, and funny scenes.

At the beginning of the cooperation with vshosting~, Premiere Cinemas had its own servers in each of their movie theatres. These were used to run software for selling and booking tickets and refreshments. So there were three separate installations of the same software. This solution required performing tasks such as maintenance, updates, backups, etc. in each location. Its architecture was therefore relatively outdated, corresponding to the time of its creation.

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Dedicated server

We consulted our long-term suppliers when choosing a hosting provider. Both were in agreement and recommended vshosting~

When considering a new solution, Premiere Cinemas came to the conclusion together with their software provider that it would be better to install only one instance, instead of three. So no more using hardware directly on site, but relying on the background of an external provider.

And all multiplexes get to use it at once. This option has proven to be optimal. All multiplexes can now easily share data. In addition, they receive comprehensive reporting materials in one place. The supplier of Premiere Cinemas website, THINline, recommended using vshosting~ services for hosting.

In the final selection, it was important for us that this was a Czech company that is physically close. At the same time, we relied on the recommendation of a long-term partner with whom we are satisfied. And it paid off.

At the same time, Premiere Cinemas originally came up with a demand for a slightly different solution, but the recommended Dedicated server also provides them with space for the operation of other small projects for a similar price. For example, they plan to move a server with their accounting software to the Dedicated server. The change in the solution directed Premiere Cinemas to adjust the Internet connectivity to individual locations and provide backup connectivity in the event of a failure of the main connectivity. The probability of a failure is thus completely minimised and the people responsible can enjoy peace of mind and without having to solve unnecessary issues.

Premiere Cinemas ticket sales and reservation software runs on vshosting~ server infrastructure

Premiere Cinemas is currently running a software package from Unique called Rosetta POS, which sells tickets and refreshments at the box office for their multiplexes, in a virtual vshosting~ environment. It also processes requests for the sale and reservation of tickets from the website, provides appropriate reporting on these activities, manages product prices and discounts, a customer loyalty programme, a database of issued ticket vouchers and the registration and management of stocks of goods and raw materials.

This software also manages the content on advertising displays in the multiplex foyer, provides information to customers about performances in individual halls, performs ticket validation, etc. It is therefore extremely important that everything runs as it should. “The move to vshosting has allowed us to work better with setting up hardware resources and utilising them. Thanks to our long-term cooperation, I can say that changing our solution brought us even less work with routine maintenance of server hardware, but also software as such. In addition, some activities are no longer needed at all, some are performed only once, instead of several times,” adds Jan Procházka, Technical director of Premiere Cinemas.

Personally, the change of hosting provider and the transition to vshosting~ brought me peace of mind. I know that the likelihood of a service outage due to a hardware error is minimised.

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