Solvertech: From dedicated servers to Kubernetes, 5 years of smooth operation


For our demanding delivery optimisation application which we supply to some of the biggest players in the Czech and international e-commerce, distribution and industry field, vshosting~ is the perfect choice.

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Czech firm SolverTech deals with the development, implementation, and support of a logistics system used for route planning and optimisation. Since several logistics giants are reliant on SolverTech software, they depend on a stable solution directly from vshosting~.

For twelve years SolverTech has been saving large logistics companies money through the optimisation of routes and helping protect the environment as well. Opportunities to save money are almost everywhere. They work for leading e-shops and distributors in the Czech Republic (Rohlík.cz, Alza, Zásilkovna, Mall.cz, Liftago, and many others), Slovakia, the UK, Canada, and Australia. Their software for the planning and optimisation of routes and transport analysis needs to work without issues. It must be simple and reliable so that drivers and customers are happy. A hosting solution from vshosting~ ensures this.

SolverTech currently has more than 100 customers in 10 countries. The SolverTech product Tasha saves clients an average of 15%. The first month of using their software is free, including implementation and support. It’s no wonder, therefore, that so many companies are familiar with this smart service. SolverTech are direct owners of this software and develop, improve, and tailor it on a daily basis according to their customers’ needs.

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SolverTech chose vshosting~ several years ago as part of an internal tender process. They started on several dedicated servers, on a non-managed service (without administered server software equipment). Now they are moving to a fully administered Kubernetes cluster.

The main reason for the switch to Kubernetes and to running the applications on orchestrated containers was to facilitate deployment which the Kubernetes solutions allow for. Another benefit is that it runs in high availability mode. “Everything from the design through to contractual matters went smoothly. Vshosting~ were very accommodating with the migration of our existing dedicated servers and in incorporating them into the cluster. Despite the current situation on the chip market, it seems that vshosting~ will be able to set up our solution extremely quickly,” says SolverTech managing director Tomáš Pajonk

SolverTech now only focuses on software development

The second but no less important reason was that they could leave all monitoring and administration to us. “We can exclusively focus on software development which is what we want to be spending our time on,” adds SolverTech CEO Tomáš Pajonk on the move to Kubernetes.

At vshosting~ we operate on the basis of long-term partnerships. Our goal is, as a bare minimum, to provide the client with what they need and then tweak the solution according to their development and growth. Add to this the 24/7 support of senior administrators and the high level of availability afforded to us by our own data centre. “We’ve worked through every issue with vshosting~ and throughout our entire working relationship I can only remember one incident when a disc array controller stopped working during the transfer to a new dedicated server, but which was replaced within 20 minutes. If I consider the vast number of servers that we have with vshosting~ and how demanding our applications are for the CPUs, that is a great result and is testament to their brilliant and reliable technical solution,” concludes Tomáš Pajonk, SolverTech Managing director. 

We appreciate the early adaptation of a new, powerful AMD EPYC CPU platform at the vshosting~ datacentre.

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