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Ideal email solution for web studios, agencies, e-shops, and other internet projects, complete with an effective antispam and antivirus. With its scalability and ease of use, our CloudMail service will satisfy any need, from just a few email addresses to thousands.

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Benefits of our Email hosting

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Maximum availability, unlimited scalability

Thanks to our cloud solution, we offer 99.99 % availability. Tens of thousands of inboxes, unlimited domains, and aliases are all available.

Intuitive interface and REST API - icon

Intuitive interface and REST API

Ease of use for both the user and manager/administrator. It includes the creation and deletion of inboxes in just a few seconds as well as REST API and the option of setting all the necessary parameters.

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Effective antispam and antivirus

Our highly effective antispam filters over 1 million messages daily with negligible error rates.

Further benefits of Email hosting from vshosting~ - icon

Further benefits of Email hosting from vshosting~

– 24/7 technical support with fast response times
– ManageSieve (server user filters) support
– security through SSL & DKIM & SPF
– popular Roundcube webmail
– integration of most functions directly in webmail
– maximum security of stored data (3fold replication + backups)
– mailbox migration by our administrators (not included in price)
– automatic client configuration support
– secondary mail server (MX backup)

Email hosting packages


50 email inboxes 50 GB storage 50,000 messages in IMAP per account


100 email inboxes (+50 for 12 EUR/month) 100 GB storage (+50 GB for 12 EUR/month) 100,000 messages in IMAP per account (Unlimited for 37 EUR/month)


Unlimited email inboxes 100 GB storage (+50 GB for 12 EUR/month) Unlimited messages in IMAP per account

This service is not designed for mass message sending. If it is used in that manner, the account will be paused. In order to ensure maximum security and the stability of the email cloud operation, a user rate limit of 150 messages per minute, 250 per hour, 750 in total, is applied from 9:00 – 21:00. From 21:00 – 9:00, the limits are 50 messages per user per minute, 150 per hour, 300 in total. Data backups serve primarily to ensure the operational security of email storage. For the restoration of emails deleted by the user, we charge a one-time fee of 47 EUR (VAT excluded).

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