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We will take care of the very complex operation and optimisation of databases for you. We will ensure their maximum stability, availability, and scalability. Our admin team manages tens of thousands of database servers and clusters.

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Managed database, operated by us

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What is included with Managed Database

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Cloud or physical server

Choose between a database on a dedicated virtual server or physical server. Cloud servers offer high-availability at a hypervisor level and the option of downtime-free vertical and horizontal scaling. Physical servers enable much greater performance for a lower price.

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Optimisation, security, monitoring, reporting

A team of specialists pays close attention to your database 24/7 and optimises it for your current operation. If performance is an issue, we scale and let you know. We react immediately to any problems which arise.

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Standalone or cluster

Every database can be run as a standalone instance or as a multi-node (3+) cluster. A cluster ensures maximum availability and the option to scale both vertically and horizontally. Cluster installations are equipped with two application balancers if the given database allows (e.g. MariaDB – MaxScale, http balancing for ElasticSearch)

Further benefits of a Managed database from vshosting~ - icon

Further benefits of a Managed database from vshosting~

– we assist with debugging (e.g. detection of a slow query slowing down the application)
– we deliver regular security updates
– we back up data to a remote location
– we offer consultations
– we resolve all critical operation issues
– we provide operational statistics and graphs

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24/7 support

We answer the phone within 60 seconds, our senior administrators usually resolve issues within 15 minutes.

Utmost reliability - icon

Utmost reliability

Thanks to our own data centre, we guarantee a high level of availability and security.

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Comprehensive administration

We take care of everything related to hosting administration. Our experts have 17 years of experience.

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We have successfully assisted with migrations for hundreds of clients over the course of 17 years. Join them.

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